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08-11-2023 17:26:18

Rapala Tackle Tray Grejboks (Model 276)

Rapala Tackle Tray er nogle fede grejbokse til at opbevare dit grej sikkert under fisketuren. De kommer i forskellige modeller (se nedenfor), så du kan have en boks til dine forskellige agn.

Det siger Rapala selv:

Store, organize, access – repeat. The Rapala Tackle Tray is designed for keeping your tackle protected and in perfect order with heavy-duty construction and smart design. The Quick Latch System allows opening and closing the tray with an effortless single-hand motion. The stackable tray comes with integrated feet for vertical storage and re-writable labels for systematic storage. The UV-proof Rapala Tackle Tray is made from rigid plastic that’s resistant to both cold and heat, making sure your tackle is protected even in the most demanding conditions.


- Quick Latch System for Single-Hand Access.

- Re-Writable Labels (2 included).

- Stackable Design.

- Customizable to Accommodate Various-Sized Baits.

- Rigid Dividers Secure Tackle in Place.

- Highly Rigid, Cold & Heat Resistant Material.

- Integrated Feet for Vertical Storage.

- Suitable for Hard Baits, Soft Baits and Accessories.


Model 276 (Mål: 27,6 x 18,0 x 4,3 cm)

Model 276 Open (Mål: 27,6 x 18,0 x 4,3 cm)

DUO Lure Box
Model / Str. Vejl. Pris JoF pris
Rapala Tackle Tray Grejboks / Model 276 (Mål: 27,6 x 18,0 x 4,3 cm) 99,- +
Rapala Tackle Tray Grejboks / Model 276 (Mål: 27,6 x 18,0 x 4,3 cm) 99,- +


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