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23-02-2017 15:30:13

Drennan Soft Strand Wire

Super blød & lækker soft strand pike wire fra Engelske drennan til produktion af predator forfang.

Wiren kan både tvistes & crimpes.

10m. på spolen.

28lbs / 12,7kg. brudstyrke.

Drennan Soft Strand Pike Wire is an extra tough, reliable trace wire. Micro filaments of stainless steel woven into an extra strong and ultra fine braid. It is so supple you can knot it! Supplied on a 15m spool. Sizes available: 10lb (4.54kg) 15lb (6.80kg) 20lb (9.1kg) 28lb (12.7kg) Tips: Soft Strand Pike Wire has a suggested crimp size of 0.75mm and is best matched with 15lb – 28lb Slim Crimps. Do not allow wire to protrude beyond the crimp as reel line will regularly catch at this point. For strongest joints flatten crimp in three central places avoiding either end. Rider hooks can be securely mounted using a separate section of wire – This method avoids kinking the main trace. The best knot for this extra supple wire is a three turn grinner.

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Drennan Soft Strand Wire
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Drennan Soft Strand Wire 28lbs. 10m. 99,- +


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