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13-11-2023 17:59:55

Westin Escape Cam

Westin Escape Cam 


Producentens beskrivelse:

The Westin Escape Cam is the world's smallest and lightest underwater fishing camera! Capture stunning videos of your underwater adventures and effortlessly share them from boat or bank. Weighing in at only 40 g. it is easy to carry and cast. It is super shock proof, and waterproof down to 200 m. With the included add-ons you can adapt the camera to various lures and fishing techniques. Despite its size, it delivers high-quality videos at up to 60 fps, thanks to underwater Auto White Balance. Catch more fish by understanding how they move, feed, and strike the lure.

Weight: 40 g. - Easy to cast

Battery life 2.5 hours

View and share directly from your phone

Full HD 1080p 30 or 60 fps.

Waterproof down to 200 m.

Vibrant colours - with Underwater AWB

Designed and developed in Denmark



Pris: 1.299,-

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