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25-10-2017 10:16:14

Westin W8 Boat

Producentens beskrivelse:

By far the best boat rod on the market. And it's not just us saying that - there are millions of beaten cod and halibut out there wishing this rod had never been designed! You could fish all day with this beauty and still be fresh as a daisy when it comes to fighting those big barn door halibuts that slam you up against the side of the boat and make your arms burn as you winch them up from the bottom. You'll be so glad of this rod when you finally hook that fish of a lifetime.

  • Handle: Super grade cork handle
  • Reel Seat: Fuji® DPS, hand painted in Fe2O3 Iron Oxide color
  • Guides: Fuji® SiC WDB-Frame
  • Blank: High Performance Carbon for superior action, ultimate sensitivity, light-weight and maximum strength
  • Blank color: Hand painted in Fe2O3 Iron Oxide color (each rod is unique in color pattern)
  • Special designed Comfort Cross Gimbal (CCG)
  • Quattro cross carbon reinforcement in handle section
  • 360° custom designed screw-down hood with 1K woven carbon reinforcement
  • ProWrap low-profile guide wrappings
  • Delivered in Pentagon Cordura tube
Westin W8 Boat
Produkt Længde Kastevægt/Klasse Dele Vejl. Pris
Westin W8 Boat (FR68660) 6´6 150-400g/20-30Lbs 2 4.799,- +