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05-07-2019 15:39:05

AFTCO Clarion & Valarta Fighting Belt



  • 80-lb to Unlimited Tackle
  • Closed - Cell EVA foam back pad
  • Gold anodized stamped luminum front plate
  • Web straps to accomodate 28" - 50" Waist sizes
  • Gimbal pocket can be positioned Horizontally or Vertically

With its advanced design, materials and comfort, the AFTCO Clarion™ is the ultimate fish fighting belt for big game fishing. The super-thick, closed-cell EVA foam back pad is engineered to maximize both comfort and leverage, so that when the belt is positioned relatively low across the thighs while fighting a fish, the belt distributes the load evenly for maximum pull when fighting big fish stand-up style. Co-molded to the foam back pad is a heavy-duty, yet lightweight gold-anodized,stamped aluminum front plate. Super durable, it features posts at each side that accept unique Quick Clips, which "snap" the belt straps (or optional drop straps) in place for quickly getting into or out of the belt. Also featured is a super strong, molded glass-filled nylon gimbal pocket that is engineered to quickly guide rod butts into an optimum fish-fighting position. The gimbal pocket's stainless steel pin is adjustable for horizontal or vertical orientation. A perfect match for the AFTCO MAXFORCE harnesses, the Clarion fish fighting belt measures 19 inches wide by 13 inches high, and if it falls overboard, it floats!

AFTCO Clarion Fighting Belt
Model / str.: JoF Pris:
AFTCO Clarion Fighting Belt 1.699,- +
AFTCO Vallarta Fighting Bell ekstra wide - item: BELTXL1GLD 1.999,- +


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