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29-06-2016 12:30:36

Scierra Traxion 2

Producentens beskrivelse:

"The Traxion family gives you the newest machine cutting technology – cut from 1 block of 6061 grade aluminum, best break system solutions- considering water resistance, smoothness and strength. Traxion fly reels are designed to optimize your experience adjusted to the fishing situation you may find yourselves in. Scierra’s fly reels are built to last, they will make the difference.

• Water tight drag system
• Micro adjustable drag system
• U-shaped spool for increased backing line
• Easy to change spooling direction"

Scierra Traxion 2
Produkt Str. Dia. Kapacitet Vægt Vejl. pris JoF pris
Scierra Traxion 2 #5/7 85mm WF6+150m 20lb 216g 1.499,- 999,- +
Scierra Traxion 2 #7/9 95mm WF8+160m 20lb 245g 1.599,- 1.099,- +
Scierra Traxion 2 #8/10 103mm WF9+230m 30lb 257g 1.699,- 1.099,- +
Scierra Traxion 2 #9/11 114mm WF10+230m 30lb 293g 1.799,- 1.199,- +


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