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24-04-2024 11:18:26

Hardy Zane Carbon - RESTSALG!




Designed for the flats angler, the Zane Carbon is a lightweight, large arbour sealed disc drag reel capable of handling anything that’s thrown at it.

It's perfectly at home Taming Bonefish or Seatrout in its smaller sizes, to Permit and Tarpon in the 10 and 12'000 sizes.


The regulated hard indent drag system allows accurate drag settings to be applied quickly in the heat of battle.




Barstock 6061/ Carbon with non-flash, salt-safe anodised finish

Fully sealed multi-pad disc drag with 10lb+ stopping power

340 degree regulated drag control with hard indents for fast accurate adjustments



7/8 2999,


8/9 3199


9/10 3399


11/12 3799

Model Størrelse Vejl JoF Pris
Hardy Zane Carbon 12000 (12+) 3.799,- 2.699,- +


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