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24-04-2024 12:00:00

Hardy Fortuna Z - RESTSALG!


Hardy Fortuna Z 




If your planning on picking a fight, Its Probably best to pick a Fortuna . The new Fortuna z features our super reliable multi pad disc drag system generating 30lb + of stopping power. Fully sealed and Hard anodised the Fortuna z should be the reel of choice for Saltwater and Freshwater anglers looking for the ultimate combination of strength , power and reliability.


Full Barstock 6061 non flash scratch proof and Hard anodised finish 

Fully sealed Multi pad disc drag system with 25lb+ stopping power

Unregulated drag control for maximum adjustment range 

Power paddle handle

Made in Alnwick England




Model Størrelse JoF
Hardy Fortuna Z 12000 - Vejl: 6199,- 3.999,- +


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