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31-10-2023 09:42:12

Geoff Anderson Urus 4 - NOVEMBER UDSALG!

Ny forbedret version af den klassiske Geoff Anderson Urus buks. Denne nye Urus 4 buks er blevet forbedret fra den tidligere model med bla. lettere stof og bedre konstruktion.



Urus 4 har mange gode detaljer:


Den er naturligvis 100% vandtæt, vindtæt og åndbar.



Svedtransporterende foring og forstærkninger med Cordura på knæ og bag.



Høj ryg og aftagelige seler giver buksen mange anvendelsesmuligheder. Udstyret med mange gode og rummelige box-lommer og stiklommer, som er placeret strategisk godt. Stiklommerne er med vandtæt lynlås.



Bevægelsesfriheden er blevet bedre og Urus er blevet nemmere at komme ind og ud af pga. den integrede lange lynlås ved anklerne.



Urus er Giftfri samt Øko-Tex Standard 100 certificeret.


Findes i 2 farver: Combo Brown og Green. Produceres fra str. XS-XXXL





Innovative trousers providing excellent protection from the elements.

Durable and tough with superior waterproofing, breathability
and heat reflective capabilities.

Urus 4™ allows excess heat and moisture to evaporate
without compromising water-proofing, leaving you dry and comfortable.

Design history:

Over a period of15 years Urus™ hasdeveloped manyfunctional improvements. All of them withoutcompromisingthe classic ground principles.

Urus 4™, in addition to all the well known and successful
Version 3, includes the latest fabric knowledge, design and technology.

The new Urus 4™ is as an example lighter than the previous model but still strong as a dozer.


Urus 4™ is recognized for it's water resistance, wear and tear- and the wide range of use is in particular the shape, which offers great freedom of movement.


As described, we have integrated small and important improvements. The result is unique: A classic product that has been adapted to the spirit of the times within the area of modern outdoor clothing.


Urus 4™ features a soft perspiration micromesh transporting lining which makes them functional, also without additional underlying clothing layers.

In order to make it easier to get in and out of the trousers while wearing boots, the bottom 26 cm of the legs can be unzipped.

An improved adjustment function makes it possible to tighten the trouser leg closely to the boot. The adjustment function can easily be removed in order to insert the trouser leg into the boot.


Urus 4™ pockets*:


The right box pocket features an integrated
pocket intended for e.g multi tools.

*Waterproof/tight pockets; pockets are waterproof against rain, snow and wave splashes, for example. If pockets become submerged, or are not completely zipped, water will eventually penetrate. You will however stay dry, even if the inside of pockets fill with water.

Urus 4™ features detachable, elasticated braces.

A raised back piece which offers protection against heat loss/draft.


The System Fabric™ - is an innovative material providing excellent protection from the elements. A durable and tough fabric with superior waterproofing, breathability and heat reflective capabilities.

T.S.F is the ideal third layer for all outdoor activities, except the most physically demanding activities.

T.S.F allows excess heat and moisture to evaporate without compromising waterproofing, leaving you dry and comfortable.

Reinforcement parts:

Nylon Cordura.

NB! Bælte medfølger ikke!


Geoff Anderson Urus 4
Model / Str. Vejl. pris J & F pris
Geoff Anderson Urus 4 Col.: Brown Combo size: M 1.699,- 699,- +


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