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22-12-2020 13:14:48

Minox X-lite

Stalking, sitting, inspecting - the MINOX X-lite series binoculars are always at your side when the next adventure is around the corner. With their 8x or 10x magnification, they let you see details even at greater distances to help you positively identify your game. Their neutral color rendition and high contrast offer you very good imaging performance.

Thanks to the robust housing, the X-lite series is also well protected against outside influences. A nitrogen filling prevents fogging from the inside. Discover your introduction to MINOX hunting optics - with binoculars from the X-lite series!







Produkt Optik J&F Pris
Minox X-lite 8x34 1.399,- +
Minox X-lite 10x34 1.399,- +
Minox X-lite 8x42 1.699,- +
Minox X-lite 10x42 1.799,- +
Minox X-lite 8x56 2.699,- +