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31-01-2018 12:21:54

Geoff Anderson Otara Long Johns Merino Uld Bukser




Otara Long Johns bukser

Lavet i slidstærkt New Zealandsk Merino uld.



Svedtransporterende og åndbar.



Fordeler kropsvarme og forbedrer kroppens naturlige afkølingssystem.




The Otara™ Merino Fibre is temperature intelligent
and assists the wearer in maintaining a comfortable
temperature under various conditions.





In brief:

• Buffers the body’s micro-climate in changing conditions
• Releases heat as it absorbs moisture
• Effectively dissipates body heat
and enhances the body’s natural cooling system


Renewable, natural and environmental.

Otara™ is an annually renewable, natural product. It is durable when in use, yet recyclable and biodegradable at the end of its life cycle.

It is produced in free range farming systems, which are animal - and environment friendly. Our farms are chosen for their commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability in farm management practices, as well as the superb quality of their Merino wool.

Our philosophy reflects our dedication to environmentally friendly fabric manufacturing and finishing processes, to ensure our fabrics remain a sustainable and biodegradable resource.


Odour resistant

FACT - Human beings sweat.

Our Merinos natural anti-microbial properties are renowned. The key is nature providing all the answers - and not some extra chemical finishing process.

Each tiny Otara™ Merino fibre consists of a multitude of overlapping scales, which coupled to the high level of moisture absorption provide a poor environment for bacterial growth.



Otara™ are quiet and unobtrusive to wear. When fabric surfaces come into contact with one another, they don't ‘rustle’. This is associated with the movement of many synthetic fibre fabrics.

You'll be surprised and impressed with your ability to move through the landscape with stealth and grace - no scaring the gold finches here.



Prickle is the result of coarse, thick fibres irritating nerves in the skin.

Otara™’s fine narrow fibres ensure this irritation does not occur, thus preventing the prickle often associated with traditional wool. So comfortable that even babies can wear it next to skin.


Moisture control and management

Otara™ Merino fibres have a complex structure with a hydrophilic (water holding) interior, known as the cortex and a hydrophobic (water repelling) exterior, known as the cuticle.

Otara™ will absorb perspiration without making you feel damp and uncomfortable, with the added benefit of being naturally shower repellent. More...


Thermal control natural aircon

Our Merino fibre buffers the body’s microclimate in changing conditions, maintaining comfort. The fibre has the added benefit that as it absorbs moisture, such as from a cool, damp environment, the fibres release a small but perceptible amount of heat.

This heat is known as ‘heat of sorption’ and is generated through a chemical reaction that occurs when the water vapour binds to the chemical structure of the Merino fibre.

This acts to prevent the chilling of the wearer. It is the original 'intelligent' fibre. More...


Easy care

The surface properties of the Merino fibre, mean that spills can be easily wiped away before causing permanent staining. Soil particles don’t ‘stick’ to the garment through electrical charge.

Otara™s moisture absorbing characteristics contribute to excellent wrinkle recovery of fabrics and garments, especially through the application of steam, a valuable easy care feature when travelling.



Water Absorption and the Structure of the Wool Fibre.

The chemical building blocks of the wool fibre, amino acids, are
hydrophilic (water-liking), meaning that they attract and absorb
water molecules into the chemical structure of the fibre.







Geoff Anderson Otara Long Johns
Model / str. Vejl. pris Tilbud
Geoff Anderson Otara Long Johns - Col. Black - Size: M 599,- 499,- +
Geoff Anderson Otara Long Johns - Col. Black - Size: XXL 599,- 499,- +
Geoff Anderson Otara Long Johns - Col. Black - Size: XXXL 599,- 499,- +


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