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03-03-2023 16:05:59

Rhino rustfri justerbar stangholder

Nyhed fra tyske Rhino. flot udført stangholder i rustfrit stål. Stangholderen findes til henholdsvis 25mm og 30mm søgelænder. Stangholderen har en rørdiameter på 42mm og er 250mm lang.

Producentens beskrivelse:
Ultra-robust boat rod holder in stainless steel with flexible installation. Com- pletely resistant to saltwater! With cross bolt to take a cross butt in the rod handle to prevent the rod from twisting. The flared edge protects rod handles and makes insertion easier. The clamping device is assembled and disassembled in minutes and is designed for railings with a thickness of 25 mm. Also ideal for fishing holidays when rod holders are to be affixed to hired boats. With thinner diameters, we recommend backing with silicone tubing.


Rhino Rustfri stangholder
Vare: Vejl: Nu:
Rhino Rustfri Justerbar stangholder 25mm søgelæder 499,- 369,- +
Rhino Rustfri Justerbar stangholder 30mm søgelæder 549,- 419,- +


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